Enviro-Terra is one of Eco-Choice Industries Premier Specialty Products. This amazing product incorporates our special Acid Replacement Technology. Most heavy duty cleaners have acid or other harsh chemicals in their formulation in order to achieve the desired results. Not EnviroTerra.!

Enviro-Terra is environmentally safe and is just as affective as products that contain dangerous acid based cleaners such as CLR. It is Non-Toxic. Non-Corrosive. Non-Acid and Non-Fuming. It can easily remove the oxidization from a penny – normally this would require a very aggressive acid based product. It is so safe, we can demonstrate it in our hand!

Enviro-Terra is used in all types of different industries, from housekeeping, institutional and industrial uses to food service. This amazing product is used as a toilet bowl cleaner, for tub & tile, transportation, descaling water and soap scum, rust removal and a multitude of other hard surface cleaning applications.

As a descaler, Enviro-Terra provides fast removal of calcium, lime, rust and other deposits typically found in descaling and rust removal applications.

It offers significant benefits with regards to handling, worker safety vs. harmful acid cleaners. In addition, it is phosphate free and contains no VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds). It does not fume and is much safer and easier to use than other acids.

Enviro-Terra is an excellent choice to replace acid blend products commonly used in retail and industrial descalers/de-limers and rust removal products.

Take a minute to watch this video on Enviro-Terra and how effectively it works!



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